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About Lucie Marlo

Lucie Marlo was born in Quebec City in 1969. Drawing was her first love. Her work received recognition early on and she won a number of local art competitions as a  child. Growing up with health problems, her desire to make a difference led her to earn a  Ph.D. in Nutrition. Lucie’s need for creative expression always remained and she continued painting. Art collectors were drawn to her work and the demand for her paintings kept her art flourishing. Lucie now dedicates the majority of her time to her art and various fundraising efforts. She lives in Victoria BC where she paints from her studio. 

Her style is distinctive for it’s dynamic compositions and vibrant interplay of colors. Lucie describes her painting process as a reflection on life: her work's reoccurring theme is maintaining optimism through life's trials and tribulations. 

In BC Lucie has exhibited her work at the Main Street Gallery, Sidney,  Mattick's Farm Gallery and the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, and participated in a number of collective exhibitions and had a solo exhibition at Gallery Sorance, Bear Mountain Golf Resort in April 2009. 

In the US Lucie has exhibited in Xanadu Gallery on a number of occasions where she was the featured artist for the highly regarded art walk in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lucie's work is in corporate and private collections in Canada and USA.

Lucie has been a guest on a number of television and radio shows. Her work continues to be featured in magazines. She lives in Victoria BC and Scottsdale, AZ where she paints from her studios.